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Moldavite Necklace

Custom Moldavite Necklace

In love with these Custom Moldavite Necklace Pendant I created . A Rare Genuine, Natural, 100% Authentic, Unique shaped Moldavite Tektite.

All customs designs will look similar to photos. All crystal have different shape and dimensions.

approx 2inch pendant 1.5 - 2.5 g Moldavite 

gold filled , sterling silver

Moldavite 💚
Is a tektite, a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. These natural green crystals are powerful to create transformation!
Moldavite carries properties assisting in protection, self-healing, and even cleansing. Moldavite
Expands the Aura and Consciousness. ...
Stimulates Inner Transformation. ...
Prevents Negativity. ...
Connects with the Cosmos. ...
Awakens the Chakras. ...
Brings Love and Compassion. ...
Evokes a Sense of Fulfillment. 💚

Each piece is created by me meaning these are all truly 1 of a kind , all creations and pieces are one of one .✨☄️🪐💚

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