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EMF Phone Charm / Protection & Balance Bracelet

EMF phone Charms / Yin Yang Bracelet 

I’m In love with this new idea I created. Phone Charms / Bracelets using shungite beads to block the radiation emitting from your phones . Using handmade yin yang beads I made myself for balance, and Pearl, Moonstone, and Obsidian crystals beads for extra protection. Not only is it cute it’s grounding, & adding an extra layer of protection by blockin those harmful EMF , UV rays , & Radiation, emitting off of ur phone everyday.



Shungite 🖤

Is a mineraloid made up of 50% - 90% carbon. Shungite Shields electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions , and also helps to shield you from radiation. Shungite has Ben used to purify water & filter it. It also has antioxidants properties, and is great for grounding , relieving stress, and blocking negative energy.

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